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Custom Colors and Coatings for Motorcycle Parts and Frames

Carma Coatings has been providing custom coatings with a high-end finish for motorcycle parts and race car frames from many years. Many large powder coaters don’t want to pursue these types of applications because of the volume of parts is low and they are not setup for custom applications. However, Carma’s facility and skilled operators are able to accommodate any type of motorcycle parts or race car frames and small or individual production runs are part of the overall service program.


HD Gloss Black Powder Coat / Engine Covers / Blast, Pretreat, Mask, Powder Coat


Bright Silver Powder Coat / Rear End Housing / Blast, Pretreat, Mask, Powder Coat

Additionally, the focus is on custom powder and painting; not just industrial coatings for these applications. The company maintains a high-end finishing operation, complete with endless custom color choices to produce a “show quality” custom finish. The company maintains a library of books and color samples from an extensive network of vendors. Customers are able to go through the choices with a Carma custom coating expert for guidance and advice on how to achieve the custom look they want for their project. Carma is able to buy colors in small quantities for cost effective, small or individual part, production runs.
Carma is able to process parts to get them ready for the coating process. This may involve:
• Blasting
• Grinding
• Polishing
• Finishing a welded product

Almost any size part or car frame can be accommodated in the expansive facility.

Each major processing section is:
40 Ft. Length x 12Ft. Wide x 12Ft. High
Blasting Booth  |  Oven  |  Paint Booths

Bright Silver Powder Coat / Chromalloy chassis/ Blast, Pretreat, Mask, Powder Coat

The facility is able to handle many different material types including steel, aluminum, and stainless steel parts. For added protection to steel parts and aluminum, a pre-treatment process is used prior to applying primer to the metal. This gives added protection to steel for the powder to stick and stay adhered.

The parts and frames are processed in a manual operation through paint and powder sections and the operators are able to do candy powders and paints. Additionally, the operators are able to conduct multi-steps in powdering and “multi-powdering” in different colors on the same part, and apply a clear powder coat for a final finish.

Motorcycle Example: Suzuki intruder 1500
Factory Original Colors  


 New Custom Finishes

Dirt Bike Frames

Dirt Bike Frame and Accessories
The motorcycle was taken completely from the factory state of red, white and chrome; and transformed into an entirely new look with custom colors and finish.
• Blasted and powder coated all the previously chromed area black
• Painted fender and gas tank then Marbleized
• Put ceramic coating on pipes
Carma Coatings has the complete facility, resources and experience staff to provide custom coatings and finishes for:
• Frames:
o Sprint Cars
o Micro Midgets
o Four Wheelers
o Auto Chassis

• Auto:
o Control Arms
o Engine Accessories
o Headers and Manifolds
o Ect.
• Motorcycle:
o Custom wheels
o Engine covers and transmission cases
o Handlebars
o Frames
o Swing arms
o Forks
o Headers and Manifolds
o Ect.

To get started on a project or application, contact a Carma Coating Specialist at (717) 624-6239
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Carma Industrial Coatings: History & Capabilities

Carma Industrial Coatings was established to fulfill a real need in protective coating services for Industry. We offer capabilities including industrial painting, powder coating, surface preparation and full assembly.

Our company is housed in a 69,000 sq. ft. facility offering easily accessible loading docks for no-hassle shipping and receiving, and state-of-the-art equipment. We handle one-time customized projects as well as long-term contract production runs, and we can accommodate a wide range of object sizes from small parts to over-sized pieces.

Carma Building Cropped

In 2012 we added Powder Coating and Surface Preparation to our capabilities. With a wide variety of colors and textures at our disposal, we have the ability to coat multicolored parts – including large abstract parts. We can also custom powder coat wheels, including two or three color wheels.

Having one of the largest batch ovens in the area gives Carma an edge over its competitors because it offers versatility to its customers. Measuring 40’L x 12’W x 12’H, our batch oven is powered by natural gas. For this reason, Carma can handle almost any job that a customer has to offer.

We can coat almost any material-common materials include Metals, Plastics, Ceramics, Fiber and Rubber. Industrial coating services are most commonly known for corrosion control, but can also provide additional functions such as fire resistance, electrical safety, energy enhancements and weather-resistance.

We offer many surface preparation services, including media blasting, pretreatment, and sanding services. Our large capacity media blasting booth allows for parts 40’L x 16’W x 14’H and gives us the ability to blast parts for any job.

Carma can paint or powder coat to spec or assist with customers to make the best cost-effective decision to meet required coating needs on all metals, plastics, fiberglass, wood, or any other substraight that may require coating for protection and/or aesthetic reasons.

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