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Carma Coatings Pursuing ISO 14001 Certification

Carma Coatings is committed to Continuous Improvement and protecting the environment as part of its business practices. Currently the company is pursuing an ISO 14001 certification that will be completed by the end of 2014. Systems and processes are being put into place to be compliant with all environmental regulations required for the certification.

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Many of Carma Coatings larger customers are required to comply with ISO 14001 regulations. One of the reasons for implementing the program is to get ahead of the curve and take advantage of early compliance. There are other benefits such as increasing efficiencies and cost savings throughout the organization. As an example, during the process the company has replaced three air compressors with a single compressor that has reduced electrical costs and is much quieter for operator safety.

Carma has been working with an environmental group to look at waste streams, production processes and areas for the largest impacts for improvements. The third party consultants have developed several programs to that will affect several areas:

  • Materials going to landfill or incinerator
    • Recycling options or change of materials
  • Electrical usage
  • Inefficient equipment

Carma Coatings doesn’t handle enough hazardous material to be required to meet government regulations. However, the company has decided to put together a Hazard Plan that will go beyond what is required by the government.

In October, all employees will be going through a training program for the environmental management system that is being put in place. Part of the certification requirements is to be working on projects for Continuous Improvement and to decrease negative impacts to the environment. The company’s first audit will be conducted in October for preliminary findings and changes. Then on December 19th through the 22nd a complete four day certification audit will take place to achieve the ISO 14001 certification.


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