Clock Tower Project For Gettysburg College

Carma Coatings was asked to participate in refurbishing and rebuilding of the historic Clock for Gettysburg College. Wagner Construction was contracted by the college for the overall repairs and project management.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower Cropped

Gettysburg College Clock Tower

As part of the refurbishment the college wanted to keep the original cast iron clock face and choose a two tone, white and black color scheme. To accomplish this look, the technicians at Carma had to remove many coats of latex paint by burning them off. Then, sealant was applied for the seams and cracks in the clock frame.

Cast Iron Clock Face


Repairs and sealant areas

This is part of a two-step “burn off and flash” powder process that prepares the surface of the metal. In this case Carma could not weld any of the cracks do to the potential of breaking. Each area is masked-off to do the powder coatings and finish the piece.

Clockface Coated Cropped

Repaired and Powder Coated Frame


Two-tone, White and Black application

The entire project took one month to complete that included a substantial amount of labor to completely refurbish the clock.

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